Atlanta Drain Field Repair 

Do you need drain field repair in Buckhead GA or anywhere in the Atlanta area?  Are you experiencing septic drain field problems? You are certainly not alone. We at Sewer and Septic understand a septic drain field problem can be extremely frustrating and happen at the most inconvenient moment.

Drain Field Installation 

Drain field problems are caused by system biomat (intestinal bacteria) that hinders liquid from being properly absorbed. When biomat flows through a septic system, clogging can develop in the drain field causing major problems with the drain field. Bacterial growth formation creates a slushy layer over the drain field preventing absorption. The overlaying slush contains harmful anaerobic bacterium, causing serious health risks if it is not properly removed. The overpowering odors and dampness is due to septic system back-ups. When this happens, it needs to be rectified by a professional sewer and septic services specialist.

Our sewer and septic specialists are experts in finding affordable solutions for your drain field problems. During our initial visit, our specialists will thoroughly inspect your sewer and septic system to determine if it needs drain field repair or a new drain field installation.

Septic Plumbers 

We work hard to be the only septic plumbers in Atlanta that you need to call for all your sewer and septic needs.  At Sewer and Septic, our motto is to provide our valued customers with excellent service, including maintenance tips and helpful inspection techniques. This allows our customers to avoid expensive septic treatments and repairs. In other words, we help you avoid the hassle of a experiencing a clogged up drain field. From past experience, we have found that focusing on customer education prevents costly repairs and future damage to a septic tank and sewer system.

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Contact us today for your drain field concerns or if you’ve been experiencing sewer line or septict tank problems.  Give us a call or contact our Drain Field Repair Service for an estimate and our FREE consultation. We will identify the problem and discuss all available solutions to help fix your drain field problems.


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