Ejector Pump Service 

Depend on Plumbing for reliable ejector pump service in Atlanta GA. Is your basement still flooding every time it rains? Just call Sewer and Septic, Georgia’s top sewer and septic services company. Our skilled sewer technicians only use state-of-art advanced technology for all sewer and septic repair services. Our technicians will formulate the best solution for your sewer related problem. If you are experiencing a flooded basement you may need to have a sump and ejector pump installed to help prevent the rain water from seeping in and flooding your home.

The sump and ejector pumps drain out rain water that seeps in below your home. It also prevents the clogged raw sewage waste from overflowing into the septic tank. With our qualified team of sewer experts, you get the best in the industry to repair, install or replace a sump and ejector pump.

Sump Pumps 

Other services offered using sump and ejector pumps are:

• Replacement and Inspection services.

• Emergency basement flooding service

Drain & sewer cleaning

• Sump pumps flood prevention

Video pipe inspection

• Ejector pumps sewer backflow prevention

Ejector Pumps 

We guarantee all septic and sewer work is done safely and on time. Our customers choose our sump and ejector pump services over the competition because we provide quality service at affordable rates.

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Contact us today for more information on our sump and ejector pumps.  Whether you need service, installation or repair of your sump pump or ejector pump, please feel free to contact our Ejector Pump Service today. Our highly skilled sewer and septic specialists are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ask about our sump and ejector pump quotes and FREE consultation.


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